10th Standard Notes

1.  Science 1 Complete Capterwise PDF

2.  Science 2 Complete Capterwise PDF

10th standard Science 1 Ch 1.Gravitation

10th standard Science 1 Ch 2.Periodic Classification of Elements

10th standard Science 1 Ch 3. Chemical Reactions and Equations

10th standard Science 1 Ch 6. Refraction of Light

10th standard Science 2 Ch 5. Towards Green Energy

Element Studies(10th standard) By Sai Sir

Periodic Elements S and P blocks(10th standard) Mnemonics By Sai Sir

Geography Maps India and Brazil

9th Standard Notes

11. Reflection of Light Complete Chapter

Quick Revision

12th PHYSICS All Chapterwise Formulas

Quick Revision

12th CHEMISTRY All Chapterwise Formulas

Quick Revision

12th MATHEMATICS All Chapterwise Formulas

PHYSICS Fast Revision Notes By SAIPHY For MHT CET

Physics Flash Cards - JEE Mains | NEET-Ug | MHT-CET


11th Science Notes

01. Units and Dimensions

12th Science Notes

08. Electrostatics Physics 2

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